Tweet'Buzz 4

yesterday morning, I tweeted:

"Is what Thomann (@ thomannfrance) would not distribute the best picks in the world? "

Thomann is Europe's largest distributor of music equipment

tweet this, as soon picked up by my friends in the tweetosphère: @ leblogquigratte, Charly_SDDD @ @ @ jeuxdecordes digital_watts, guitarschfarden @ @ ShredGuitar_FR supported by Sarssipius @ @ LaChaineGuitare @ yvanguillevic drew attention with which I Thomann went back in touch

they asked me a brochure that I sent to them in German, English, French, and I sent them a sample of the N4 and N1 in stride.

good, now fingers crossed if interested Product, will open a period of negotiation for price, maybe for exclusivity in certain geographical areas.

so nothing is done, do not dream, but if by chance it works .......

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    This is super good news of the day, the same week, and it seems that this is an important week for France this week here ...
    I think this dream is not to imagine one of the biggest mail-order company in Europe, is willing to distribute picks Niglo who no longer has to prove anything at all in terms of quality, ergonomics ...
    Not impossible that this week is a big week for your generation!
    I really believe.
    And the adventure will necessarily beautiful!

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    If you find a common ground on the sale of your picks Niglo, then it is clear twit 'stay truly memorable for you. It was quite natural that supports this idea by our RT is deserved.

    I look forward to the rest of the episode!