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N4POM formula

Participatory capitalism: N4 POM pre-order

I like this concept: participatory capitalism. ownership or citizen. Indeed, as we discussed on the FaceBook page picks the Niglo N4 will be made of polyoxymethylene (POM), generic name of Delrin (c) or Acetal is being pre-order. Indeed, the investment that I have to do for this production is quite heavy, [...]

like, videos

Dempsey Morel, talented guitarist made me pass this video which he himself recognizes that the quality is not great, but he has done with his Vigier Excalibur and niglo N4 silver: and this morning, after reading this superb PDF on the eve of sites and doing some research, I could also find that [...]

Charly, its funny lady and Niglo

Saturday, March 31, Charly and funny lady holding a "Melting Folk" at the art gallery The Canopy space, 19 rue Pajol in Paris 18 °. all information on the site I would be present through my picks that will be presented, as well as the works of photographer and designer items LudoFJ Fatboy so if you [...]


the MuzikMesse

automobilistiques despite some trouble, the journey to Frankfort has allowed me to meet the editors of some magazines and German blogs, meet French guitarists on Vigier stand: Christophe Godin and Jean Fontanille and us retouver the evening of Sémi Muzicosphere and Alexis Guitar School Garden on my return, I discovered [...]