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then some new developments that have been added to the shop: it NiTi with left-handed, and always indestructible titanium, ergonomics it Nitanou bronze, silver complement the model: and finally, the NiTanou neo-chrome, satin chrome on bronze model, which does not undergo oxidation of the bronze, and always have a [...]

what else

Participatory capitalism: N4 POM pre-order

I like this concept: participatory capitalism. ownership or citizen. Indeed, as we discussed on the FaceBook page picks the Niglo N4 will be made of polyoxymethylene (POM), generic name of Delrin (c) or Acetal is being pre-order. Indeed, the investment that I have to do for this production is quite heavy, [...]

N4POM formula


chrome niglos that leave clean fingers!

many users have asked for a version niglos which does not oxidize. after looking alloys virtually unobtainable, and looking a little on the forums jewelers founders, the solution became obvious: the chroming of bronze models. a correspondent told me that I contacted a company, and was very responsive. picks [...]


returned yesterday from vacation rainy cold and sunny, hot, and you have to fight with the government to obtain a VAT number that I would never get so much European legislation is vague and precise at the same time. Custom have some bad news a little ruined my day, but nothing serious. just [...]

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Tweet'Buzz 4

yesterday morning, I tweeted: "Is that Thomann (@ thomannfrance) would not distribute the best picks in the world? "Thomann is Europe's largest distributor of music equipment that tweet, as soon picked up by my friends in the tweetosphère: @ leblogquigratte, Charly_SDDD @ @ @ jeuxdecordes digital_watts, guitarschfarden @ @ ShredGuitar_FR supported by Sarssipius @ @ LaChaineGuitare, @ yvanguillevic drew [...]

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